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Taking the dog for a walk


Nothing makes me happier than being around animals. Ever since I was old enough to know what I wanted to be when I grew up, it was to always be with animals. After 20 years of animal experience, I decided to start my own pet sitting business.  My goal is to continue to meet new and amazing animals as well as their owners.  I always feel when I meet new owners and their pets that I am also building a great relationship with everyone.

 As your professional pet sitter, I am caring, honest, observant, and reliable, which I know these days can be hard to find. I will take the time with your pets so they can remain in the comfort of their own home and surroundings.  During my stay, if you have only one pet or even a mini farm, I will provide the best care possible to keep them safe and happy.

 My services include dog walking, check ins, and/or overnight stays. I am also comfortable administering your pets' prescribed medications. Every pet owner has specific needs and wants when it comes to their pets. I will make sure that it is all accomplished while you are away.  From the energetic Cattledog wanting to play ball all day or to the old lazy Labrador that just wants to cuddle on the couch, I will be there with them.  Nothing feels better than going back to visit or just say Hi to a furry friend and watch as they just melt into my lap.

     As all of our pets are unique, I require an initial meet and greet with new clients to ensure that we are all a good fit.  To board, or not to board, that is the question, but if the decision is not to board, please call me to schedule a meet and greet with your pet.  I will also provide a unique quote based on your specific needs!!

About the Owner: Your Pet’s Second-Best Friend

My name is Darla and I have unique skills when it comes to keeping your pets safe and happy while you are away. I have dedicated my entire career to animals of all shapes and sizes. I started my career at Southeastern Guide Dogs in Manatee County. I worked as a kennel tech and then continued on there providing medical care to 150 dogs on a daily basis. I then moved to the tricounty area of North Central Florida and worked as a kennel technician for a few years at the local shelter until I got the great opportunity to work at a small rural clinic as a veterinarian technician. I was employed at Chiefland Animal Hospital for about 6 years. I then went back to work at the local shelter in Gainesville for 11 years as a field officer where I was able to assist the community with resources to help with their unique situations. I have personally owned a variety of animals throughout my life, including domestic dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, ferrets, and many more. I used to have a mini farm and cared for goats, chickens, horse, and pigs of my own. I have also have basic husbandry/feeding skills for exotic animals as well.  

Darla Castleman

 Professional Pet Sitter

Cute Kitten


Our passion is your pets.

LRPSS is bonded.

Safety is our priority.

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